The Most Useful Pet ID Tag Ever
Apr 26 2016

The Most Useful Pet ID Tag Ever

The Most Useful Pet ID Tag Ever

According to the ASPCA, many stray animals that enter shelters each year are actually lost pets, and only about 8 percent of them are reunited with their families. Part of the problem standing in the way of beloved lost pets safely returning home is that they do not have proper Pet Identification Tags. In a study on the best methods to locate owners of lost pets, information engraved on Pet ID Tags was among the top five. Yet, only 10 percent of the actual lost animals found had Pet ID Tags with sufficient information to help lost pets actually get back home.
If providing your pets with proper identification could mean the difference between a swift reunion or never seeing them again, it just makes sense to get a custom Pet ID Tag for your dog, cat, horse, or any animal that depends on you. While there are a lot of choices available, PetWill Pet ID Tags may be the best and most useful Pet ID Tags ever. Made from high-quality stainless steel, PetWill Pet ID Tags are custom-engraved right here in the USA and shipped for free directly to pet owners. However, it's not just the top-quality materials or the free custom engraving that makes the PetWill customized Pet ID tags unique.

While cat or dog ID tags typically display the pet's name and sometimes an address or phone number, PetWill engraved Pet ID Tags come with all of that plus an Online Pet Profile. These profiles are essentially specialized websites similar to a Facebook page for your pets. Your pets' pictures appear on their profile page along with vital information such as care instructions, diet, medications, veterinarian's information, owner's information, and alternative pet guardians in case the pet owners can't be reached or if an emergency occurs. These online profiles are vital for pet safety. What's more, these Online Pet Profiles can be viewed on a computer (Mac or PC), Smartphone or Digital Tablet device.

It's the combination of the Online Pet Profile link engraved on one side of the PetWill Pet ID Tag along with the pet's name, pet owner's telephone number and address custom engraved on the other side that makes this tag a must-have for any pet owner. It’s part of what makes PetWill Pet ID Tags the best choice for pet safety and identification. With the Online Pet Profile link, anyone who finds a pet can immediately pull up the pet’s profile page and find either the pet owner's or the pet guardian's contact information. You'll feel confident knowing you can update both your information and the care instructions for your pet in real time on the PetWill Online Profile.
When it comes to Pet ID Tags, some pet parents opt for GPS pet tags instead of traditional engraved Pet ID Tags. However, GPS pet tags not only come with a high price tag, but they also have a few drawbacks that can ultimately stand in the way of pet safety and lost pets returning home. For example, some GPS pet tags are not waterproof and can quit working properly if your pet decides to take a swim or gets caught in a heavy rainstorm. Most GPS pet tags are battery-powered, and if the battery dies, your pet may as well not have a tag at all. Alternatively, PetWill Pet ID Tags don't need batteries and may still be legible no matter how wet or dirty the tag gets.
Also, even the most compact GPS pet tags are bulky, making them a less than ideal choice for cats, smaller dogs, and other small pets such as ferrets. PetWill Pet ID Tags are small and lightweight, making them perfect for pets of all sizes. Naturally, big animals and larger dogs can wear PetWill Pet ID Tags with no problem, but the Custom Dog ID Tags won't weigh pets down or get in the way when smaller dogs wear them, and felines sporting Custom Cat ID Tags from PetWill will hardly notice they're there. Additionally, the feather-light PetWill Pet ID Tags can easily be worn by even smaller pets, like ferrets. Tags can also be attached to a cage or halter.  
PetWill Pet ID Tags can also be an ideal complement to pet micro-chipping. Though it's a common practice for microchips to be inserted under pets' skin in the neck or shoulder area, the chips sometimes migrate to different spots in the body. That means even if lost pets have microchips, they may not register on a reader when someone tries to scan them. That's why The Humane Society of the United States recommends that pets who have microchips still have Pet ID Tags, such as PetWill ID Tags, as an additional pet safety measure, in case scanners don't read chips or a scanner is not available.  

The scanners themselves are another issue. Microchips with different frequencies are used for animal identification in the U.S., so different types of readers are required for different types of microchips. Not to mention that only select professional pet rescue organizations and veterinary offices have scanners to read pet microchips. None of this is an issue with PetWill Pet ID Tags, because most people have access to the Internet through at least one device if not several, and anyone can read your PetWill Pet ID Tag and type in your pet's unique Online Pet Profile website link.

Even if your cat never goes outside or your dogs are always supervised. Accidents can happen, and they happen frequently. A curious kitty won't hesitate to slip out an open window, and it only takes a minute for a dog to wander away if you turn your attention to something else. Additionally, pets get lost easily when traveling, during holiday fireworks or in the event of a during natural disasters. Dogs and cats aren't the only types of lost pets. Horses can get loose and become lost, too. Since found pets are easier to reunite with their families when they have identification, a PetWill ID tag for your cats, dogs, horses and other pets is the logical and responsible thing to do.

Another feature that makes PetWill Pet ID Tags the best tags for pet safety is the option to protect your pet if you can no longer take care of him. Every year over 500,000 pets are euthanized when something happens to the pet owners, and no plan has been made for pet care. It's an issue the majority of people don't consider, but it's vital to pet safety, and well-being. Unprotected pets don’t have legal rights like the human members of your family do. With a PetWill pet trust document in place, you can legally name a pet guardian, outline a plan to care and provide for your pets, and even set aside money for your beloved pets' benefit in the event you become incapacitated and can no longer care for them or if you pass away.

Cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, and others--all the animals you share your life with deserve protection with a customized PetWill Pet ID Tag and Online Pet Profiles. Our engraved Pet ID Tags are essential for long-term pet safety, and may be the surest way to help lost pets return home as quickly as possible.